A Fulani response to God's grace


A Fulani response to God's grace


A Fulani response to God's grace

About Us

Bringing the hope of the Gospel to the
hearts of Fulani people

The Fulani people (also known as Fulbe or Peul) live in 22 countries of Africa. Fulani Ministries serves the Fulani people in Burkina Faso and in the many other countries where they are found.

In Burkina Faso, many of our activities take place at the Jam Tan centre. The Jam Tan centre provides facilities for the local community and the body of Christ, through a school and preschool, church, local shops and cafe, grain-mill, and conference rooms.

Our Mission

Our Mission to the Fulani People

Promoting the Gospel

Fulani Ministries is intentional about making disciples that multiply and planting churches. Our discipleship and church planting training course runs for three to six months a year in several locations, and includes training in various skills for self-reliance.

Promoting Education

Education develops nations. Many people we engage with cannot access school. We have set up a Primary school and a preschool, and train people in skills for self-reliance.

Relieving Poverty

With the twin burdens of climate change and insecurity, many in the Sahel are in need. We work to make healthcare accessible, and to meet the needs of families in need of food aid during seasonal famine.

How to help

Partner with us in transforming lives
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Our Work

We make it our goal to promote the Gospel, relieve poverty and promote education among the Fulani people.


Your donation can help us offer more support to more Fulani people.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our work at Fulani Ministries, get in touch via our contact form.