Our Mission

Relieving poverty and making healthcare accessible

Business Training

Fulani Ministries provides training in running small business for local communities of all ethnic backgrounds in several countries of West Africa. This training programme provides skills in running a business including budgeting, understanding your market and business planning.


Our various agricultural projects are part of our aim to be self- sustaining. As part of the work of Fulani Ministries seasonal crops are grown in different parts of Burkina Faso, which provide food for the trainee church planters and for people in need.

Relief Work

We work to meet the needs of water, food and clothing in many communities. In particular, we assist families during the 'hungry' months before harvest with gifts of grain and other food supplies.

Accessible Healthcare

The Community Health Day at the Jam Tan centre offers the local population affordable consultations from Christian medics and paramedics. Bringing specialist doctors to a rural location makes healthcare accessible to a population who would normally need to travel to the city and stay overnight and pay high fees for consultations. The police are also present at this event to establish national ID cards for the local population. In response to the needs of the community, we hope to soon open a medical centre.