The Jam Tan Primary & Preschools

Making education accessible, Fulani Ministries pays the school fees of students from internally displaced families.

Preschool gives children a head-start, which gives them a boost when they start primary school. Lunch is provided free of charge to all students.

Training In Skills For Self-Reliance

Tailoring, carpentry, shopkeeping, raising animals...

Enabling young people to gain skills and confidence to support themselves and provide services for their communities.

Social Cohesion

Marathons, cycle race/women's cycle races, chequers competition, dance competitions and table football.

In a context of insecurity and inter-community tensions, Fulani Ministries works wherever possible to promote community cohesion. At our quarterly health days we hold sports and dance competitions to bring together the wider community around the Jam Tan centre and celebrate the talent of local youth.